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Searchable zip files cont.

Recently we posted Searchabout zip files which explained that Whispa is now able to search files within zip archives. I'd like to go over a few bits of information regarding this as well as an improvement that we have made to it.

Searchable zip files

We introduced zip files back into Whispa a little while ago and it's been working well for multiple files uploads. As you may have noticed when you upload multiple files they are named "multiple files" within the Whispa account. This works well if you only do this now and again, but can cause issues if you upload a lot.

Introducing: File requests

File requests have been on our to-do list for a while and we are happy to announce that from today these can be used from within your Whispa account. Issues with sending files over email, or finding somewhere for a user to upload a file for you? File requests solve this problem.

Introducing: Archive inpsector

When multiple files are uploaded to Whispa at the same time, we zip these together into a single archive to make downloading and sharing easier. The issue is, sometimes you forget what files you added at the time of uploading - or maybe you just need a single file from the archive - what can you do?

Accounts, locations and more

We are introducing three exciting new features at Whispa which we would like to share with you.

Farewell zip

When Whispa was started every file uploaded to us was zipped on upload. This was great to begin with as it saved on storage space and also made it easier to serve downloads to end users. Unfortunately it also had downsides too.