Accounts, locations and more

We are introducing three exciting new features at Whispa which we would like to share with you.

User accounts

User accounts are, and always will be, optional. They allow you to have access to an area where you are able to see your past uploads (while they are live), with options to download or remove them. You are also able to see the statistics from your account page directly, without using the API.

With multiple file uploads enabled, Whispa allows you to inspect inside zip files and download individual files directly from within your account - without downloading the entire zip.

File locations

Currently all uploaded files are stored in the Netherlands, the main website is also hosted there. You are now able to pick the upload location. The first roll out will include both the Netherlands (by default) or in the US (Los Angeles). Once set within your account area, all future uploads will be hosted there, going further into 2020 more locations will be available throughout Europe, the US and Asia.

API access

Basic API access is available to everyone, information can be found on our information page. We will also be releasing API access to registered users which will allow you to upload directly to your account and remove files easily. There will also be options to extend the life of files if needed.

The above is being rolled out throughout January and February and we will have another update released when it is all live.

For now though, we hope everyone had a relaxed holiday and we wish everyone a happy new year.