End of year updates on Whispa

As the end of 2020 is now in sight (likely a good thing by now) we would like to take a moment to look into the future of Whispa and what is coming in the next few weeks and months.


We are looking to implement the ability to create an image gallery. If you upload multiple images to Whispa, from within your account you will have the ability to generate a gallery from them. This will create a unique link that will layout the images in a way to display them. This has been requested before, so it's now a WIP.

Source view & edit

When uploading source files (JS, CSS, PHP etc) there will be an option from within the account to view and edit the file directly in a source-highlighted view. You will not be able to directly run the file, but editing it within this view will make it easy for quick edits.

File listings

When a zip file is uploaded to Whispa, the account page will offer you a separate link to share which will display a file listing instead of a direct zip download. This listing will allow the user to download single files from within the zip or the entire directory at once.


Whispa+ will be our premium package for Whispa. Nothing will change with how Whispa works currently and we do not plan on restricting any of the above features behind a paywall, the benefits of having Whispa+ will be related to the amount of files that can be uploaded at once, the total size of the file and how long files take to expire (and supporting us, of course!).

Whispa+ will allow you to upload 50 files at a time totalling 5GB in size, it will also allow you to set an expiration time from 1 day (from the last download) up to an entire year of no downloads. This will be configured from within your account area.

We are excited for what the new year will bring and hopefully it will be a better one than how 2020 has been so far. We also hope that you will join us as we continue expanding our feature-set into the new year.

As always, if you have any features that you would like to see you can contact us through our Contact page.