Farewell zip

When Whispa was started every file uploaded to us was zipped on upload. This was great to begin with as it saved on storage space and also made it easier to serve downloads to end users. Unfortunately it also had downsides too.

Zipping and compressing files takes time and processing power, we had the processing power for it, but the extra time to upload did not look great on us. While testing with different sized files, we found that uploading a 75MB file to the storage server should take between 2-6 seconds, not bad right? Unfortunately zipping that same file takes around 20-25 seconds. So what should be less than 10 seconds, turns into more than 30.

After testing multiple sizes and filetypes, we decided to remove the zipping functionality and serve files directly to the end user as-is. This means a lot quicker uploads, especially on files 50MB all the way up to our 2GB limit.

In the future we may look into this again if we introduce multi-file uploads, although it would be compressed on download, not the other way around..