Introducing: File requests

File requests have been on our to-do list for a while and we are happy to announce that from today these can be used from within your Whispa account. Issues with sending files over email, or finding somewhere for a user to upload a file for you? File requests solve this problem.

Within your account you now have a "Request" link, pressing this will generate a link similar looking to the below;

Sending this link to someone will allow them to upload files directly to your account. No need to fumble with email limits or firewalls unnecessarily blocking legitimate files. The files uploaded will be marked with a "REQ" tag to show you they were requested. They can then be downloaded, previewed and removed as normal.

These files will stay within your account as per the normal Whispa retention period of 14 days after the last download, unless removed beforehand of course.

If you have any feature requests, you can always get in touch with us via our Contact page. We have a lot more updates coming within the next few months so keep an eye out!