Meet Whispa

Welcome to Whispa.

Some of you may be thinking, "another file sharing platform?". You would be right. Whispa is another file sharing platform, in fact - it's a very simple file sharing platform at that too. Whispa came to life while I was working in the office one day and noticed that it's difficult to find a file sharing service to send attachments to other companies which does not fit into the categories below;

  1. Website smothered with ads, or pop-ups telling you to turn your ad-blocker off.
  2. Forcing you to sign up to the service before allowing you to share files.
  3. No simple way to remove files once it has been uploaded.
  4. Waiting time to download the file that has been uploaded (in 2019!).
  5. Terrible privacy policy, meaning they track you to the very end of your visit.

After noticing this, I thought of a couple of options. My first thought was to just create a local NextCloud instance and use that to share files, but that still is not quick and easy if I have to log in each time I want to upload and share my files. After that, I thought "why not just build one?" and so Whispa was born.

With Whispa I want to combat the issues above by sticking to the following goals;

  1. No advertisements on Whispa and if they really are needed, then ensure they are discreet and can be blocked.
  2. No sign-ups required. Accounts are not needed on Whispa, we are keeping it simple.
  3. Allow you to remove your files after upload, and it will be purged from our server once you choose to delete it.
  4. Show simple statistics from your files, this will be added within the coming weeks.
  5. No waiting times, ever. This will never be added as a restriction to Whispa, the same with speed limits.
  6. Simple straight forward privacy policy. We will keep your files as long as we state and they can be removed at any time.
  7. Keep it lightweight. Whispa will always be a simple, privacy-first file sharing platform.

Over the next few weeks we have quite a few features that we would like to add into Whispa which we are excited for, we will soon introduce a simple roadmap showing what these are.

Until then, we hope you find Whispa useful and feedback is always welcomed.