Searchable zip files cont.

Recently we posted Searchabout zip files which explained that Whispa is now able to search files within zip archives. I'd like to go over a few bits of information regarding this as well as an improvement that we have made to it.


When uploading multiple files to Whispa we usually name this group of files as "multiple files" in your account. This is because we are unable to show up to 20 files as the name (due to space!). We have changed this today so it now lists the first files name followed by how many files are within this zip, as below;

You can then use the "Preview" to see and download the other files within this archive if required.


This is just a quick note to add to this feature as it may worry people by saying that "we are reading files within zip archives" so I thought I would add a very brief explanation of how and why it is done.

We only read the contents of zip files for certain scenarios, these are the below

  1. Uploading multiple files to Whispa
  2. Previewing files within a zip file using Archive Explorer

As per 1. we read the file names so we can add the live search within your account to files within the zips, making these easier to find.

As per 2. if you upload an already zipped file to Whispa, we do not open and read the file names in this archive unless you are previewing the file from your account page (as it is necessary).

We hope this explains the reasoning and also hope you enjoy the new features appearing on Whispa.

If you have any feature requests, you can always get in touch with us via our Contact page.