Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few common questions that we get asked and their answers.

Whispa is a fast and secure file uploading and sharing web application. It allows you to upload and securely store files up to 2GB in size, these can then be shared and downloaded in the browser using a simple link. Statistics and the ability to delete your files are available during the time the file is uploaded.

Files expire 14 days after the last download, meaning if they are downloaded often they will not expire. If it does reach this time the file will automatically be purged. Whispa does not require any sign-up or credentials of any sort and does not keep logs of uploaded files.

Whispa currently has an API which can be found using the link at the bottom of this page. The API is currently being worked on to add more functionality.

Without an account, you can only keep track of previous files by keeping note of URLs provided by Whispa. An account area is available where you are able to keep track of previous files, this is and always will be completely optional.

By default, files uploaded to Whispa are hosted in the Netherlands. This can be changed if you sign up for an account to another location if required.

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