Keeping personal files private is our goal, please read our Privacy policy to see how we strive to achieve this.

Whispa (pronounced Whisper) is a website based on the idea of uploading and sharing files. This could be with friends, family or colleagues. When doing this online you hope that the website you are uploading these files to respect your privacy relating to the content that you upload.

This is how Whispa was born. Our service allows you to upload your chosen files without requiring an account or credentials. Once uploaded, the files are then stored securely and can be requested via URL, the file is then served to the browser.

At any time while the file is online, it can be removed by the uploader via the unique removal URL - alternatively every file will "expire" 14 days after the last download and will be purged from both the storage server and our database. There is no trace leftover within our servers.

The only personal information that we hold on upload is your IP address. This will only be used to rate-limit if needed, which will only be done in extreme circumstances.

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